San Leandro, CA – Creature Welcomes John Worthington to the Deep End of the Pool


Creature was originally founded in 1994. At that time, Russ Pope began the company under the wings of NHS, Inc. Well known for the gruesome and highly detailed graphics, wide shapes and strong wood, Creature also houses some of the gnarliest talent on a skateboard. David Gravette, Ryan Reyes and Chris Russell are just a few of the high-profile riders who skate for Creature. Appropriate for the severity of the brutal spots, Creature offers specially reinforced decks. Thanks to NHS’s distribution history, the brand has access to P2 technology. This provides a stiffer deck, enables a longer pop, and makes the board last longer, even in the roughest of deep ends. -states Deluxe-

Creature has officially welcomed John Worthington to the ranks! John is a mild mannered, humble and soft spoken ripper residing in Sacramento. Don’t let his demeanor fool you, this guy is an all out monster once his feet hits the griptape. Most people who know John have nothing but good things to say and his skating surely speaks for itself. 

8 minutes of pure hesh. The part is full of creative lines, interesting spot selections, unexpected tech, and jaw dropping hammers. John seems to find lines in pools that only a grand master in geometry could understand. Double pumps and double sized airs, gapping and switch grinding over stairs in the shallows, handling double lipped decks and non existent coping plus serving up heavy street lines. John really threw it down for this part. As if his skating wasn’t proof enough, we get to hear a testimonial from the greatest himself… John Cardiel. When you get the stamp from Cardiel, you get the stamp from the world. Check out his new part on Thrasher Mag – John Worthington’s “Dystopia” Part

Congrats John!! Well deserved. Looking forward to more mind melters from you!!


words by Keith Halterman

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